Crazy and KOOOKOOO Pictures of Carly that she always takes but never posts for some sort of reason

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Miss Indie is doing a Intax Mini 7s give away!!!!!! I hope I win!!!!! :) The instax is amazing and so is Miss Indie's blog!

Saturday, January 31, 2009


School is crazy, scheduale is crazy, life is crazy.....

Yea. It's all pretty much crazy. The latest update on me is... new cell phone... (the voyager).. new friends.... new year..... and new drama.

I've decided to update my blog once a month.... that's all i can promise. :/ My life is super hectic and i am blogging instead of studying......

My blog is, super sad to say, on the baack burner. The front burner is occupied with trying to make sure my head doesn't explode. :T

Love all yall.

Sorry i havent posted much. I hope to fix that.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Playing Catch-Up: Part Uno

Okay, OKAY! I know! I am a horrible blog owner! BUT, the
this is
so delayed is because my (new!) camera was being weird. This
means that your
pictures have to be limited. :( Sorry!

Our family had a Christmas full of fun, love, and good memories. And, of course, PRESENTS!

Santa left me this....

Don't make fun of me for taking pictures of the pictures!

I mean come ON how can they torture us with THIS on the inside cover and expect us not drool all over the book?

A little question, people. And PLEASE vote....

A cuter couple....

Jasper and Alice?

or Emmett and Rosalie?

Sorry, Edward and Bella aren't in the contest cuz, DUH! They would win!

I also got this book from my brother. It is called, "Fairest". It is about a girl who is an amazing singer but is ugly. So everyone won't even give her a chance to sing and she has to hide away in her parents' Inn. Is my family trying to tell me something? If so, is it and insult or complement? And it my acne really THAT BAD?

Mother made sure my passion for theatre was fed with one of my all time fave musicals, "NEWSIES"!

And Daddy fed my passion for Music with Taylor Swift...:)

Poor Hurky looked at us like this the whole day while we were having fun.

We headed over to a party at some friends' house after we hit the showers......

Then we went to Grandma's for some Christmas fun.. :)

We ate a super yummy ham dinner and then... Opened presents of course!

I love Christmas with my Grandma

Our evening was filled with lots of love.


Me showing off my snazzy new camera/pictures of enjoying the nice weather.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fresh out of the Oven-- all 40 dozen...

Yesterday, my mother and I went to a fun little Baking Day over at her friend Amanda's. It was really fun. We all made a couple recipes, and then took some of each home! YUMM! Here are the results...

Those last two were ours ;)

Mom and Amanda

We ended up with a TON of cookies. We filled the whole kitchen with them!! :O I recommend going this with your girlfriends sometime but CAUTION! Use a good blender or THIS might happen after the fourth mix or so.

Thanks for the fun "holiday baking", Amanda! We love you!



It was so funny! We were at this stake bell choir concert in my Grandma's Stake, and we saw her there (she is a mormonian) She Grew up with my uncle and came to my parents' wedding BTW. It was SO funny cuz my dad was all, "Do you want me to introduce you?" and I was all, "Like totally father dearest!". So after the concert we realized she was parked RIGHT behind us, so we walked over to her car, and she goes, "Oh hey Scott!", like she just saw us the day before or something! It was so cool! They started talking about my uncle and aunt and then my dad goes," So, this is my daughter Carly", "I LOVE your books", I say. "And she says, "Thanks, It is nice to hear that from my fans", and stuff like that. Then we took a picture and left! It was so cool. She is really nice, and it was fun talking to her.

I let you see the picture if you promise not to deny that it is me! My dad had to use his camera phone.....

OK OK... HORRIBLE PICTURE! But I promise it is real!... they saw a picture is worth a thousand words but, Dad, this one says only 4. GET A NEW PHONE!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I'm sitting here on the computer and all of my thoughts are racing. I'm doing about a bazillion things at a time and thinking of one hundred more....but all I want to do is vent on my blog. It's Christmas time! We only have about four weeks to enjoy it! What am I doing locked up in this cold, stressful, jail cell that I call my mind? It's that darn chunk of exhaustion in my life. You might call it EIGHTH GRADE. I call it "SUDDENLY TRYING TO PREPARE YOU FOR LIFE AND HIGH SCHOOL AND STUFF BUT ACCUALLY JUST MAKING YOUR LIFE MISERABLE" It's a long name, but it fits. Fits perfectly. I'm stressing out about all of my grades, even though most of my classmates would kill to have my A's and B's report card. They all think shooting for all A's is useless and dissapointing, but I am NOT gining up! I am a child of God! I can do it, right? Can I? I think I can I think I can.

Okay time for a happy thought.


Thanks. That brought my spirit up.



How should I spend my Christmas?
"I'll show you!"

Wow mickey! Thanks! That helps alot.

And, now that I am in the mood, click HERE to see my favorite part of on of my favorite christmas movies, "Polar Express". Our family watches it EVERY CHRISTMAS EVE. It's great. Rent it if your family has not seen it yet!

BTW- We say "Merry Christmas!" not "Happy Holidays". ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A New Hobby

Trevlyn... this post is for you! When we were at the craft fair, I found some cute little hair clips with flowers on them! I LOVED THEM. I wanted one so bad, but they were SIX dollars, which I thought was TOO MUCH. Plus, in the back of my head, I was saying, "I could tottaly make that!" Which led me to THIS:


They are all aligator clips, even though all you can see are the flowers. :) I think the blacks my fav! What about you?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Many Thanks..... Amen

As Thanksgiving is creeping up on me, I always try to think of a couple things to be thankful for, so we are prepared when it's our turn to speak at the table. So much to be thankful for. So, for this post I will use some professional photographs from HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. :)

I am thankful for... Nature.

One of my favorite things about life its self is Nature itself. I mean, aren't we just so lucky that God created this world for us?

Nature is such a massive concept though. So, I'll break it down for you. Here is EXACTLY what I love about nature.


Cloudy days


The beauty of old trees






Sunsets galore.....


Palm trees

Colorful rocks

Flowers, of coarse!

Lots of flowers....

Big and small....

And last, but not least,


What does the word SIMPLICITY mean to you? That's something to think about....

What Twilight Character Are you?